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ROC Number: CR-155711
Frequently Asked Questions
•  What is the Difference Between a Block Fence and a Wall?

Block Fences are constructed of 4” Fence block supported by 8” wide columns up to a maximum of 13’ On Center. The Fence is made to secure a yard, and act as a “screen” for privacy and security.  A Block Wall is typically constructed of 8x8x16” CMU and can often be used as a load bearing wall supporting structures or retaining soil.

•  Do I Need a Permit?

Possibly. All cities have minimum standards for block fences/walls, however, only Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Maricopa County Islands, Queen Creek, Carefree, Cave Creek, Litchfield Park are currently requiring permits and inspection. Call or Email us and we’ll be happy to tell you what the requirements are for your property.

•  What Type of Warranty is Offered?

The ROC requires a 2-yr warranty, we however offer a 10-year warranty on all residential masonry.  (repairs, stucco & gates at the 2 YR ROC standard)

It is worth mentioning because of our commitment to details and quality that in our 40+ years of construction we have had only a few warranty claims that were remedied immediately to our customers full satisfaction.

•  How Long Should I Expect Construction of a Residential Block Fence to Take?

Most Residential projects take an average of 2 days from start to completion. Our crews typically put up an average of 120 Linear Feet (LF)  of block fence/day.

•  Can I Build a Retaining Wall Without a Footing?

Not with traditional CMU retaining walls which require mortar and rebar. Keystone Retaining Wall Blocks do allow for a mortar-less retaining wall as seen along the walkways at the Phoenix Zoo.

•  Is a Sunset Fence, Inc. Block Fence Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, the block we use is made using natural, raw materials. No harmful chemicals, such as those found in treated timbers or railroad ties are used during manufacturing. The rebar used is made of recycled materials and the unique qualities of concrete categorize it as a green product.  Contact us for your next LEED project.

•  Will My Trees Die Due to the New Footing

Depending on how close your existing trees are to the new fence line will determine if roots are cut or not. There are many trees here in the valley such as Ficus, Eucalyptus, and Pine Trees that have survived having roots cut. Other more sensitive trees such as Citrus and Mulberry often do not do well with having their roots cut.

All Vegetation should be a min of 3’ back from walls to allow for growth and maintenance. Sprinkler location can be a factor for protecting against water damages.

•  What Does the Typical Sunset Fence, Inc. Block Fence Cost?

The cost varies greatly depending on what the local jurisdictions, codes and requirements are. Plus additional variables such as access. Our average Mesa/Tempe/Chandler residential wood fence replacement jobs cost about $4000. Call or email us today for a FREE no obligation quote.

•  What are the Payment Terms?

For new customers, we request ½ of the estimated cost as a down payment before construction begins. The balance is then due upon completion of the entire project.

•  How Tall Can I Build My Block Fence?

This varies depending on your local city and jurisdictions. The standard use to be 6’ Tall (9 courses high using standard 8” high block), however, The City of Tempe now allows up to 7’, Peoria allows up to 6’8”, Phoenix allows for the fence to be 6’ high from the average grade of the yard.

•  Is Sunset Fence, Inc. Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

Yes, we have a K-31 Masonry License, which unlike a Fence License, allows us to build masonry structures, retaining walls, and block fences and walls over 6’ in total height.  We are bonded which means that a customer can file a claim to be reimbursed or compensated if a contractor quits or abandons a project without completion (this will never happen with our company). We are also insured for both General Liability and Workers Comp.
Our ROC Number is:  CR-155711

•  Do I need my neighbors permission to replace a shared fence?

We recommend it. Some (such as Scottsdale & Paradise Valley) require written permission to be submitted with the permits. It is best to check with your local planning and zoning department.

•  Will a Block Wall Restrict Water Flow?

If your yard is properly landscaped and graded to keep water flow away from your dwelling and neighbors yards, a block wall will not restrict water flow.
However, if the slope of your lot directs water towards your new block wall, you will need drainage blocks or a drainage grate.

City of Scottsdale has a guide to Water Drainage and Block Fences and Walls:

Maricopa County (County Islands) requires drain openings every other block at grade and full openings in master planned communities.
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